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If you need to find out more about organizations that host leadership programs and promote STEM-related fields in Canada, you can find these resources online.

Community Leadership Program – Fulbright Canada

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This program is a joint initiative by the US Embassy in Canada and Fulbright Canada, which are committed to a culture of mutual understanding. The goal of this community program is to highlight the need for leadership on key community issues. This mutual understanding aims to promote positive change in Canadian communities.

The programs that are already in full swing include workshops on financial literacy, education, and training programs that help more women to participate in STEM fields. The organization also leads literacy projects that support cultural projects and refugees.

Canadian Community Leadership Network – McConnell

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This organization was first established in 1999. It plans and manages several Community Leadership Programs (CLPs) across Canada. These CLPs have been making a difference in communities across the country. They continue to support the continued development of leaders in society.

Leadership Canada also continues to build on its success over the last couple of decades, and it will continue to make a difference in society.

The Government of Canada and STEM

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Canada is currently working on several initiatives to encourage graduates to pursue STEM-related studies. These initiatives involve a series of career tools, leadership programs, science fairs, STEM competitions, and awards.

The aim is to encourage science literacy in communities. People in society need to learn about evaluating, questioning, and understanding information before taking it at face value.

By equipping people with skills in STEM-related fields, they can have greater control over the information they receive and send online information and make better decisions based on evidence-based conclusions.

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